This section is pretty random...

Here you can find out some of the random things we do when we have free time. You might want to try some of it yourself. If you can't be bothered going through tons of potential time-wasting sh*&e, click on that button.

Paint a Picture!

We live in a world of convenience. We can go online and get more or less anything we could ever need sent straight to our homes.

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Google F&*king Cooking!

This rice. We bought this rice because it said it was a bacon cream risotto. It was just rice. Google Translate doesn't think it's rice? You tell me...

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I want to play a game!

Have you ever tried to complete a puzzle using 24,000 pieces. We're genuinely think about it!

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Going on the rampage in Ilsan's Lake Park!


How many pensioners can you injure with one bus? We interviewed Korean bus drivers about this hip new game that is sweeping across the GBUS system here. Apparently they rack up points for knocking people off their feet inside the bus and tally up the scores at the end of the day.

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Camping in the Living Room!

Did you ever just stick a random tent up (inside your Mum's house) as a child? Let's see what it's like when you're 31 years old and living in your own apartment...

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Take a bucket of paint and go nuts!

Whenever we are feeling a little bit sad, we go to our local stationary store, buy some paint and go nuts. Here's one we made earlier...

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A tent on the ceiling? That's Lotte!


Yes, it's a real game!

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Ice-skating without skates? Why not?


"One dinosaur's journey into the unknown"

Watching the Captain... jump!