Have you ever ‘fallen asleep’ at a party and woken up when it was in full crazy mode?

Thats what my first night in Tokyo was like. That or time travel.

First you get into your ‘capsule’ and fall asleep. Cryogenics much?
Then imagine being faced with sights like this…

When you are faced with ten foot tall robots fighting, you have to at least consider the possibility of time travel. Here’s the story…
As soon as we woke up we headed on over to Shinjuku.
This inconspicuous building is the robot restaurant and one of the things we were most excited about visiting. We arrived here about two hours early to make sure we could find it. We had already pre-booked our tickets and thus skipped the sizeable queue. We also had preordered a bento box. I had no idea what it was, only that it was traditional so I was all over it. That type of thinking will probably get me in trouble someday.

So now we had a few hours to kill and I really wanted to try some traditional sushi, me and my traditions, so off we went to find a sushi place.

We walked around Shinjuku just looking at everything. It’s one of the entertainment districts of Tokyo and is amazing to just walk around. Tokyo is an amazing city and Japan as a country really touched me in a profound way.

Eventually we settled on a sushi restaurant and popped on in. I have had mixed feelings about sushi in the past. At first I thought it was just lazy chefs that couldn’t be bothered cooking. I then saw the food on peoples plates and realised that the Japanese see their food as art. You have to admit the food does look like a piece of art and just like many works of art, it looks better than it tastes. Some of it was beautiful though. We ordered enough sushi to genuinely worry the waitresses who were struggling to find a free spot on our table. We tried a LOT of sushi!

Me and Kirsty always seem to get funny looks in restaurants for one reason or another. Anyway, the tuna and salmon were beautiful. I ate a lot of that. I was a little less adventurous with the other ones compared to Kirsty. At one point she ate the squid sushi and actually reminded me of a squid her eyes got that wide. Awful for her, hilarious for me.

I did push past my comfort zone too though! Never felt compelled to eat raw fish eggs before, yet I did and was actually pleasantly surprised. Incase you were wondering, yes they pop.

The sushi was a great experience. We had enough to last us a lifetime in that one sitting, but it was nice.

Now that we had killed some time and filled o’ fish we went back to the robot restaurant for the show. Everything about this place is an epileptics worst nightmare. Even the front door has a robot butler like a christmas lurch.


We took the craziest lift to the craziest waiting room. Just assume everything from here on is crazy.

Words can not express how colourful and bright this place is. It’s like a thousand unicorns had a massive party and threw up all over the place. Every inch of every room on every floor has been decorated. Definitely an amazing waiting room. Yes this is the waiting room. We went underground for the show itself. I was so excited! Then what happened? Remember we ordered bento boxes without knowing what they were? They’re full of more sushi!

If I’d ever had too much of something, it was sushi on this first day in Japan! What I could never get enough of though, is this fit inducing awesome show! It really was so amazing and lucky for you we were kind enough to film some of it. It starts out with a relatively tame musical number.

We’re not going to upload every part of the show, but we’ll show you a few snips of different parts.

After this it all got very power rangers.

These lads put on an incredible light show with tons of lasers!

This was such an amazing thing to go and do. Here’s one final video of the madness. I highly recommend going to the robot restaurant if you’re ever knocking about Tokyo. Massive highlight of the city. Come for the robots, stay for the show, hold off on the sushi.

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