Camping in County Down

If you’re a big fan of the outdoors, Tollymore Forest is definitely not one to be missed! For the student of garden follies, Tollymore is a rare treat...

BONNY GLEN WOOD ~ Coill Bhun an Ghleanna

We went to Bonny Glen Wood in Donegal around January (sometime) for a romantic walk (by romantic I mean I was covered in muck up to my eyeballs). According to something I stole from some website on Google, the Bonny Glen was an area previously occupied by seven Irish families who exchanged their homes there with the Porter estate during the famine for tickets to emigrate to a better life in America.


Back in January we visited Irelands second most popular tourist attraction, the cliffs of Moher! We all know that the pubs are Irelands main tourist attraction so lets just dispense with all that 'cliffs are number one' nonsense. We stayed in a really nice place for the New year in Co. Clare because we wanted a quiet little getaway and that's what we got, bar the few neighbours....