Seoul is a big city. There are many areas with all kinds of things to do and so far Hongdae seems to be one of the most fun places. Even getting there is fun as all the trains and such say Hongik University instead of Hongdae. It’s like a treasure hunt you didn’t sign up for or want.

Goyang Flower Festival!

So we were absolutely delighted that the 16th Goyang Korea Flower Show took place at Lake Park (which is near our house). The theme this year (according to the staff) was ‘The Alluring Encounter of Eastern and Western Flowers.’


VIRTUAL REALITY IS WHAT WE’RE LIVING IN… We went around the theme park and jumped on a few rides. We came across a VR room. Stephen really wanted me to do it so against my better judgement I went ahead with it. BAD IDEA!

Gangnam Beer Festival

The drinking culture in South Korea is very different from the Irish experience. There is etiquette to be followed. Koreans almost always drink with food so there are not many bars in the Irish sense which is a shame. You are not to pour your own drink if in company and when you drink you hide your mouth with your hand and turn your head to the side. This little ritual is pretty cool and blew me away the first time it happened, everyone was so in sync.

Ilsan in the Fall

Autumn has come and gone in Korea and now the bitter winter winds are now upon us. All we really have to offer from this is what happened in the previous post and some of these pictures we took before it all kicked off. Ilsan can be really beautiful at this time of the year!

Hospital in Korea

A few weeks back I was just relaxing at home (playing Minecraft and gulping down on some sweeta** tea) when suddenly I felt a severe pain in my left arm and in my chest. I got up out of the bed to stretch it out, but the pain just pulled me right down to my knees. I was ready to pass out, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, I had a headache.

North Seoul Tower/Trick Eye

Have you ever felt like you’ve been somewhere before? I have felt that way every time I’ve gone to the N Seoul Tower (남산서울타워) The first time was because it was so dusty that we couldn’t see any further than about ten meters, everything looked the same, seen weather like that before. The second time was because I had actually been there before. I am glad we went twice and I can say without a doubt that if I were to go back a third time I would definitely feel like I had been there before again.

Han River Cruise, Seoul

Sometimes you just want to get a bit of perspective. Tried for ages from the top of the Seoul tower,  eventually got the view but in the mean time we had booked another experience. A more insightful perspective. Going from riches to rags in one day! I should probably point out at this point that while the cruise we booked along the Han river did include dinner and entertainment, sleeping rough in Seoul was not a part of this package.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM...It's North Korea

On the morning of the tour Stephen had a melt and deleted everything off his phone (browser history, Youtube and Facebook). In hindsight you don’t really need to do this but it’s better to be safe than sorry! Photography and interaction with NK’s local people have historically been tightly controlled.

Lotus Lantern Festival!

It started out like any other day. I woke up, painted my toenails and helped Kirsty shave her back. The sun was shining and we hadn’t gone to any real shopping spots yet in Seoul, so we decided to head on in. We got off at Anguk station and went for a bit of a stroll when suddenly I heard music. We walked a little further than we had intended and found a small stage a few streets down with mini humans attempting to sing.

Aqua Planet, Ilsan

If you do anything when you are in Ilsan, be sure to visit Aqua Plant and OneMount! We only got the chance to visit the Snow Park but there is way more on offer. Please give yourself a laugh and check out the promotional video (only beautiful people can view the video so be warned!).

Buddha's Birthday!

I brought Kirsty back on a bus to a big Buddhist temple because they’re beautiful bringers of balance and serenity. Back home being what it is, I’ve barely seen a Buddhist temple before being here. Imagine my bemused face beholding what lay before me. Beautiful big brightly coloured lanterns for Buddhas birthday.