Can you use you bank card in Korea?

One of my biggest worries when heading to Korea was wether or not my bank cards would work when I got here. Having never really travelled before, I went in to all my banks and rang them several times just to say;  I am going to be in Korea, please do not block my card, I would like to be able to eat until I get my first wage.

Long Haul Flights ... for Noobs

I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’m a bit of a travel rookie. The sum total of my travels so far has been the UK, Ireland, Paris, Bruges, Bratislava and Rome. It sounds like a few places but its not really, a weekend here and there, no more. I actually only started travelling last year, why you ask? Well, because I was being a great big wimp and refusing to get on a plane for fear of it going down.

4 Nights in Japan: How much does it actually cost?

Our first train ticket cost us 1000 yen which is around £7.60, I tried to Google getting around Japan (before I arrived) and kept on seeing adverts for a JR Pass which can cost anywhere between £300.00 – £1000 depending on how much travelling you want to do when you are there. My advice?  Just buy the train tickets at the station (or airport) when you arrive in Japan. A day pass for the Tokyo area is 1000 yen. You can find out what the cheapest option is at the airport. Please don’t believe rumours about having to purchase tickets outside of Japan first! It’s rubbish!